What do people want to know about living in Alaska?

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Do I need a four wheel drive vehicle to live in Alaska?
Most of the roads in the Delta Junction area are paved or gravel and most are regularly maintained so you can get around in most any car or truck year round. Although 4 wheel or all wheel drive are handy, people with two wheel drive might prefer a front wheel drive vehicle for icy days. While we do have icy roads from time to time, one of the benefits of our extreme cold is that when the mercury drops to 30, 40, or 50 below, the roads are not as slick!

How much are the property taxes?
We actually have NO property taxes in the Delta Junction, Ft Greely area. We also don’t have sales tax and there is no state income tax either!

I would like to be able to hunt and fish on my own land. Is that possible?
While it is possible to shoot some species on your own land, please check the Alaska State Hunting and Fishing Regulations for specific information. Delta is in hunting Unit 20D. The Delta Junction area boasts moose, caribou, black bears, grizzly bears, bison, sheep, fox, coyote, wolves, ducks, geese, and cranes. You can hunt these animals but be sure to check the regs for seasons, rules, and permit information. The Bison herd permit hunt attracts hunters from all over the state. That said, I live on under two acres of land and most of our family’s hunting and fishing has been on state or federal land.

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