At Debbie Joslin Realty, we are committed to making our website accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. We strive to ensure that our website is user-friendly, easy to navigate and accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities.

We have taken a number of steps to make our website more accessible, including:

  • Using a clear and simple layout that is easy to read and navigate
  • Ensuring that all text is high-contrast and easy to read
  • Making sure that all images have alternative text
  • Providing keyboard navigation for all website features
  • Ensuring that all forms and buttons are clearly labeled
  • Making sure that all videos have captions and transcripts
  • Providing a way to increase text size on the website

If you have any difficulty using our website or have any suggestions for how we can improve our accessibility, please contact us at‚Äč. We will make every effort to address any issues you may have as quickly as possible.

We are continually working to improve the accessibility of our website, and we appreciate your feedback.

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